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NYC BigApps 2014 is an initiative of NYCEDC to promote government transparency and the creation of innovative new technologies. Following NYC BigApps 2013, this year’s event is the fifth annual run of the competition and is being managed by HR&A Advisors in collaboration with Super Vision and Splash.

Mayor de Blasio has set the goal of eliminating traffic fatalities in New York City. Help us achieve that vision.

Our Challenge to You

The primary mission of government is to protect the public. New York’s families deserve and expect safe streets. But today in New York, approximately 4,000 New Yorkers are seriously injured and more than 250 are killed each year in traffic crashes. Being struck by a vehicle is the leading cause of injury-related death for children under 14, and the second-leading cause for seniors. On average, vehicles seriously injure or kill a New Yorker every two hours.

Making ours the world’s safest big city will require more than government policy and programs. It will take citizen action from the grassroots up. The emergence of new neighborhood-based traffic safety initiatives is an extremely hopeful sign that New York is already on the right track. The promise of Vision Zero will require constant input and feedback from citizens and civic organizations. It demands the participation by the State legislature and lawmakers, industries, companies and authorities that operate large numbers of vehicles.

Vision Zero also needs each and every New Yorker to become aware of the new public discourse on street safety, to appreciate the consequences of careless and dangerous behavior, and to do their part to lend civility and consideration to the daily life and rhythm on the streets of our city.

Product Wish List

We’re looking for a product that applies to drivers, bikers, and pedestrians. We would like the app to have the following attributes:
• Safe Routing
• Advocacy
• Crowd sourcing
• Data visualization
• Discouraging risky behavior/promoting safe behavior


  • Meet Mayor DeBlasio!

    Feature on the front page of and the Vision Zero website.

  • Tour of City Hall.

    Tour of Gracie Mansion.

  • Introduction to agency contacts to assist in developing the application and business plan.

Evaluation Criteria

Creativity: Originality, innovation and quality of idea
Design: Including visual appeal and user experience
Functionality: Flexibility, versatility, and accessibility, across all populations
Impact and Scale: Potential impact on users, and ability to penetrate a real market and outshine competitors

Conditions include:
• Please follow our organization’s brand guidelines (link in Toolkit).
• Product must be available for use by early June.
• Must be willing to work on our project for at least six months following competition.

BigIdea Mentors

Nick O'Brien

Inspector Dennis Fulton

Anne Marie Doherty



Things of Note

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What is NYC BigApps?

BigApps is the premier showcase of NYC's tech ecosystem. It's a competition that empowers New York's sharpest minds to solve the City's toughest challenges through technology, making NYC a better place to Live, Work, Learn, and Play. Whether you're a hacker or an engineer, a designer or an investor, a novice or a pro, we provide resources that make it easy to make a difference. Come to build. Come to solve. Come to win.


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